loadaverageZero is dedicated to the latest standards in Web accessibility, design and programming using client-server, open-source technology. It grew from a seed of an idea I had many moons ago, but I haven’t had the time until now to sit down and get the job done. I now consider it a sapling of sorts—I have a long way to go but the basic structure is there. That’s the hard part really. Now I can create and add pages fairly easily.

This is, and will continue to be, an evolutionary process. Much like the Web itself. I believe that we are at the end of the primary stage, and at the beginning of a new era in user (and developer!) experience.

Through a series of labs I will document this process, starting with presentation and layout using CSS, then page structure and content using XHTML and PHP, and finally overall site hierarchy using MySQL and other tools. As I mentioned earlier, these are all Open Source technologies, which I use almost exclusively. I am also working towards keeping the site as accessible as possible by supporting as many browsers as I can. And by encouraging the use of a flexible design so people with impaired vision and other disabilities can use it as well.

FAQ: What is Open Source?

However, another design goal was to use the latest Web standards as I felt were appropriate. This means older browsers most likely will not work—so if you’re using one I highly recommend you upgrade to a newer version and/or change vendors if you are having difficulty. I think you will find your experience here, and the WWW overall, richer and more rewarding. I have my own preference if you’d like a suggestion.